•   2Camions IVECO 6X6 25 tonnes équipé d'une grue télescopique de 10 tonnes

  •   1 Manitou 4x4 à plusieurs fonctions d'une capacité de 5 tonnes

  •   2Bétonnière Sila 4x4 d'une capacité de 2m3

  •   5 Camion benne de 25 tonnes

  •   2 Camion remorque de 50 tonnes

  •   1 Pelle Caterpillar 950

  •   1 Pelle Caterpillar 926

  •   2 Tracto pelle Caterpillar





2 Bob cat
4 Bétonnière fixe d'une capacité 1m3
2 Camion citerne à eau d'une capacité de 5000 litres

1 Camion citerne gasoil d'une capacité de 5000 litres 


4 Dérouleuse tractable hydraulique pour câble de 8 tonnes
6 Pick up de liaison (TOYOTA HILUX 4X4)
1 Camion atelier mobile
1 Lot des matériels pour l'électromécanique et génie civil Lot 1












vision2 sRay Group Electromécanique vision is being able to establish strong and lasting professional partnerships with government and public institutions, and increase its market share in the DRC and the African continent.

Competitiveness breeds innovation
Roland Yaghi, General Director







Organization structure

The organizational structure

The organizational structure of RAY GROUP SARL, is a reflection, a materialization of its operation, the latter is made up of departments, sections and units.

The Department of Finance and Accounting
Is the center of the financial operations of the company. This department is usually responsible for daily accounting transactions, feasibility studies, cost studies, the accounting and financial control of branches of the company. This department consists of three sections:
1. Purchase and Supply
2. Finances
3. Accounting

This department is therefore responsible for the treasury, imports, wages of the workforce, the relationship with the banks (proposals studies, rate projection, followed by bankers operations management transfer operations, issuance of checks, negotiations for guarantee credits and documentary credits etc.


The Commercial Department
Is responsible for the scanning of the local and regional market, to identify potential business benefits, and adequate capabilities and company resources.
This department is also responsible for the preparation of tenders and the relationship with customers, the collection point of view of applications, needs, requirements etc. Also, this department has the task of identifying, collecting, analyzing and disseminating information regarding any market competition. Finally, the commercial department in coordination with the QSE section of organizational development department,   resolving complaints from stakeholders and conduct a twice yearly satisfaction survey to gather information needed to develop the business further.
This department's sections:
 1. HR
 2. QSE (ISO)
 3. Internal Control (IC)


The Department of Studies and Projects
The technical management is the spinal cord of the structure. The depatment is responsible for project planning and management of the latter through its business units. It includes the following sections:
  1. Electromechanical management
  2. Civil engineering management
  3. Project management

This department carries the vital spot, offering a quality service in line with customer requirements and the terms of the signed labor contracts.


The Logistics Department
This department is responsible for managing the operations section which include the management of the vehicle fleet, the garage, the stock and the implementation of the operating plans that are supported by logistics capabilities. The provision of resources, procurement and purchasing activities also take place within this department.


Organizational Development Department
Represent the support '' Management '' essential to the business. It control the overall planning of general management activities.  take place. The department provide all other business entities like support in information, documentation and follow-up with external stakeholders.
Human resource management, quality management, management of the relationship with external stakeholders, safety management and occupational health, environmental management and internal control, are the main activities carried out by Organizational development Department




Our Certifications


Ongoing Projects 

Projects Description Date/ region/projects manager

Kindu project

Public lighting s works of some renovated arterials roads and avenues of Kindu.

Avenues: Mobutu, Boma, 4 janvier and Lumumba.

2014-2015/ Kindu /

Gouvernment, BCECO

M04 projects

Purchase supplies for mounting the 70KV line Sanga-Ngombe Matadi and station 70/30 / 15KV-7 MVA Ngombe Matadi & Electrification Ngombe- Matadi and Nkamba

2014-2015/ Bas- Congo/ BAD DRC

M02 projects

Strengthening Badiadingi substation by a transformer 30 / 20KV - 15MVA & Electrification of the Black pockets of the southern zone of Kinshasa

2014-2015/ Bas- Congo/ BAD DRC




Executed Projects





Date/ region/projects manager

Civil Project

  • Assembling of  transformers at CDA's substation, Kinshasa
  • Assembling's works of transformers at Deviniere's substation, Kinshasa
  • Assembling of transformers at Lemba's substation Kinshasa, February 2013
  • equipment's assembling in Kimwenza, march 2013

2012-2013/ Kinshasa / World Bank

Kindu project

Rehabilitation of the distribution network of electric power in the city of Kindu (connection of 500 subscribers)

2011/ Maniema/ World Bank (UCOP / UNOPS)

River city project

connection to the national network of the new city: Cabin assembly 20 / 0,4kv - 630KVA, laying of copper 3x50² 20kV cable pulling an aerial BT line for the site feed "City of the river".

2011/ Kinshasa/ Presidency

ITB project

installation of a new cab for the wood industry: Online Print 30kV and installation of an electric cabin MV / LV at  Kinkole.

2009-2011/ Kinshasa/ COMPANY ITB

TIGO project

Airline draw preassembled cable 3x70 + carrier in Kananga for the online Tigo

2008/ Kananga/ TIGO

Kinshasa project

Cable laying work for the remediation of the MVTnetwork in Kinshasa

2006/ Kinshasa/ Government

Bas-Congo project

The installation of a new substation in this part of province (Madimba, Sonabata and around) to address the problem of the existence of black pockets.

2006/ Bas-Congo/ Presidency of the Republic

SNEL project

Investment work of electrical energy meters in Kinshasa to enable the improvement of the billing system of Electricity in Kinshasa.

2005-2006/ Kinshasa/ SNEL


This is only an overview of our possibilities and this list is not exhaustive; indeed, based on our experience, our company is in constant development and expansion in different activities. View Profile (PDF French)  



01  power transmission and  distribution


02 High voltage substation


03 Public lighting

04 Industrial generators Installation MV / LV

Civil Engineering

01  Control building





02 Foundation for equipment substation

03  Foundation for pylon