Health and Quality

Security policy and health

RAY GROUP is always looking to make the environment and context of the work, most suitable from the standpoint Safety and Health, targeting reduced as much as possible, the risks and dangers that come from field activities conducted in on operations. Through the procedural approach, preventive and corrective actions, management review and establishment of OSH objectives, our management:

 Prepare and update the emergency procedure,

Prepare and updates the investigative procedure for incidents

 Prepare and update the medical support process,

 Prepare and update the risk assessment matrix and dangers,

 Develops and implements awareness campaigns through initial training and ongoing training,

Conducts periodic inspections on services and departments that have a high level of risk,

Our Security System and Health at Work (SST) is part of our management culture and is further evidence of our commitment and partnership with our workforce.

Safety Policy and Health at Work, is designed to highlight the commitment of senior management to the well-being and safety of its workforce in the field, the design and implementation of the security system and Health at Work (SST), is consistent with the international standard OHSAS 18001, to the laws of the country or take our operations, and the company's internal organizational standards

Quality Management Policy and Standards

Quality policy represents the pillars Quality management, consistent with the ISO9001 international standard and internal organizational standards of the company.

RAY GROUP is committed to an organizational culture of quality and excellence. Our branch is constantly ongoing development in all company sizes.

Our primary objective is the acquisition and maintenance of a high level of customer satisfaction. And it is within this framework that we are working on our participatory management, along with the periodic establishment of tactical and strategic objectives.

We express a professional and social commitment to our human capital and our environment through the implementation of international standards of Quality Management (ISO9001), of the Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Management of Safety and Health at Work ( OHSAS18001).

The establishment of quality objectives, and periodically review the performance of the system through the planned management reviews.

We believe in quantitative management and development of skills and expertise, human and strategic.

Meet the requirements, demands and needs of our current and potential customers, and offer services and unique products to our market segments, are the cornerstones of our management and managerial approach.