Ongoing Projects 

Projects Description Date/ region/projects manager

Kindu project

Public lighting s works of some renovated arterials roads and avenues of Kindu.

Avenues: Mobutu, Boma, 4 janvier and Lumumba.

2014-2015/ Kindu /

Gouvernment, BCECO

M04 projects

Purchase supplies for mounting the 70KV line Sanga-Ngombe Matadi and station 70/30 / 15KV-7 MVA Ngombe Matadi & Electrification Ngombe- Matadi and Nkamba

2014-2015/ Bas- Congo/ BAD DRC

M02 projects

Strengthening Badiadingi substation by a transformer 30 / 20KV - 15MVA & Electrification of the Black pockets of the southern zone of Kinshasa

2014-2015/ Bas- Congo/ BAD DRC




Executed Projects





Date/ region/projects manager

Civil Project

  • Assembling of  transformers at CDA's substation, Kinshasa
  • Assembling's works of transformers at Deviniere's substation, Kinshasa
  • Assembling of transformers at Lemba's substation Kinshasa, February 2013
  • equipment's assembling in Kimwenza, march 2013

2012-2013/ Kinshasa / World Bank

Kindu project

Rehabilitation of the distribution network of electric power in the city of Kindu (connection of 500 subscribers)

2011/ Maniema/ World Bank (UCOP / UNOPS)

River city project

connection to the national network of the new city: Cabin assembly 20 / 0,4kv - 630KVA, laying of copper 3x50² 20kV cable pulling an aerial BT line for the site feed "City of the river".

2011/ Kinshasa/ Presidency

ITB project

installation of a new cab for the wood industry: Online Print 30kV and installation of an electric cabin MV / LV at  Kinkole.

2009-2011/ Kinshasa/ COMPANY ITB

TIGO project

Airline draw preassembled cable 3x70 + carrier in Kananga for the online Tigo

2008/ Kananga/ TIGO

Kinshasa project

Cable laying work for the remediation of the MVTnetwork in Kinshasa

2006/ Kinshasa/ Government

Bas-Congo project

The installation of a new substation in this part of province (Madimba, Sonabata and around) to address the problem of the existence of black pockets.

2006/ Bas-Congo/ Presidency of the Republic

SNEL project

Investment work of electrical energy meters in Kinshasa to enable the improvement of the billing system of Electricity in Kinshasa.

2005-2006/ Kinshasa/ SNEL